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Predeal , Elisa Villa


Find the perfect holiday home for you and your family.( 8 persons ).

Hidden on Cioplea, half way towards the top of the hill, “Elisa” Guest House isn’t hard to reach/ discover, being placed next to the weather-statio of  Predeal.
Turists willing to escape the madness and ado of the great cities can find here an oasis of calm and relaxation .

The house, conceived as a family’s holiday residence, is part of the old architectural patrimony of Predeal and was built in 1936 by one of the craftsman/ workman that King Ferdinand had brought from Germany in order to finalize the construction of Peles palace (Cstle) and to build Pelisor .

The partition of the house is functional :

    • in the semi-basement, a small garage and a bar (with separate entrances) ;
    • at the ground floor, a living-room (with the habitual fireplace) and a dinning-room openend towards the kitchen ;
    • a staircase, connecting the dinning-room to the first floor, where four double bedrooms (with TV and cable) await the guests
    • the first floor makes an exit towards the yard through an opened terrace
    • by the massive wooden table in the yard you have access to a grill, perfect to make a great barbaque on .

    Rates: 140 Euro /night for entire Villa.

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    Contact The ELISA Villa

    Predeal, Brasov
    phone: +40.754.227.227
    fax: +40.268.336.658

    0744 516 295
    0268 336 658

    (Intl: +40 744 516 295)
    (Intl: +40 268 336 658)


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